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Andralyn of

Lot of smarts in that posting!

Posted on 01/25/2012

Howdy of

You have shed a ray of sunsihne into the forum. Thanks!

Posted on 01/25/2012

Ruma of Medan, , Indonesia

Just visited your web site for the first time. Very interesting

Posted on 10/17/2011

Dawn Aguilar of 29 Palms , California, usa

I am the new owner of ADA who belonged to my best freind Allison Anderson-ive had ADA for going on three years and she has been nothing but a blessing to my so Max and I_so smart and loving :)

Posted on 12/30/2010

Bettie Clark of Arvin, CA, USA

I found this a very nice site. I love your philosopy which is very much like my own.Very nicely done.

Posted on 08/02/2010

oneshotjac of Wichita Falls, Tx., U.S.A.

Like the website, and the dogs

Posted on 06/27/2010

John of Norco, California, USA

Awesome Site! You guys are doing it right! Gruenwald's Shorthairs Home of Gruenwald's Hostler V. Hainholz, MH "Hoss"

Posted on 12/25/2007

Bogan's Ace High of CA

Greg & Darcy trained and hunt tested 2 of my dogs. Thanks for doing wonderful work with them. Great people.

Posted on 11/13/2007

Bonnie of

It is "Possum" aka Bogan's Wild in the SPIRIT's birthday today 10.23.07 HAPPY BIRTHDAY little girl!

Posted on 10/24/2007

Tina Price of Shandon, CA, USA

Love your site! hope to see ya in the ring!

Posted on 03/26/2007

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