Our Contract

Congratulations on the purchase of an AllStar puppy. Your puppy is of exceptional quality and is sold with a health guarantee as follows.

Health Guarantee: The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health. Your veterinarian should check the puppy within 72 hours of the puppy’s arrival in its new home. If your veterinarian feels the puppy is not represented as above, please have them write a letter describing the problem encountered and return the puppy for a full refund on the purchase price. We NEVER reimburse the veterinarian cost that you incur without consulting our veterinarian first. Be sure not to ship or bring the puppy back without first notifying us.

Hip, Heart, and Eye Guarantee: Your puppy was bred from superior stock and his/her pedigree is an excellent one. Both parents are certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or at the very least have had several hip clearances from Dr. Butchko, Dr. Zajac, or Dr. Popkin. Both parents have hip clearances for any genetic hip problems and their hearts have been checked for any issues also. Copies of all examinations are provided for you and your veterinarian and are included in your puppy package. All of our breeding stock MUST be certified and cleared of all genetic faults to be used in our breeding program. Your puppy is guaranteed to be free of hip dysplasia and heart problems up to three years of age. This guarantee is non-transferable.

To be covered by the above guarantee:
1. The dog/bitch must carry the AllStar prefix in the registered name.
2. The OFA evaluation must be made by the time your dog is 36 months of age.
3. The dog must have their eyes examined by a licensed ophthalmologist before 36 months.
4. The dog/bitch must NOT have been used for breeding.
5. The dog/bitch must NOT have been neutered or spayed before the age of TWO.

If you suspect that your dog has hip dysplasia, a genetic heart, or eye problem:
1. Notify me of the situation immediately by letter, email, or telephone.
2. Get a second opinion from Dr. Butchko, Dr. Zajac, or Dr. Popkin. THIS IS NON- NEGOTIABLE.
3. Send the hip x-rays to the OFA for evaluation from either Dr. Butchko or Dr. Popkin.
4. Go to an ophthalmologist or cardiologist for and eye or heart exam and forward the results to me.
5. Mail ALL of your dog’s medical records to us. This includes the first 72-hour visit to the present day.

In the unlikely event a puppy should have any of the above defects the buyer can decide to have 1.) a full refund of the purchase price of the puppy, 2.) have the purchase price applied for a puppy of a future litter at AllStar Gundog Kennels, or 3.) we can apply the purchase price towards any surgery or medical procedure that needs to be done (not to exceed the purchase price of the puppy). If you choose, you can also keep the puppy. We do not expect you to give us back your family member. We require that all AKC registration papers to be signed back to us, and a letter stating from your vet that the dog/bitch has been altered before any refunds will be issued. In the unlikely event that litigation becomes necessary, both parties agree that all litigation will be held in Riverside County, California.

All puppies are sold on Limited Registration unless previous arrangements have been made and a written contract is signed by us. Limited registration means that these puppies are not to be used in any breeding and cannot compete in any conformation shows/events. They may still compete in hunt events.

Your puppy has been raised on Purina ProPlan Puppy Chicken and Rice. We recommend that you keep them on this food for around 6 months to 1 year and then switch over to Purina ProPlan Sport or any ProPlan product. The activity level of the dog will decide which ProPlan product to switch to (ex. Competing in hunting/show events and high energy, ProPlan Sport 30/20 would be recommended.) If you do decide to switch foods, we advise that you do it slowly or you will have a severe reaction to the change.

NO treadmilling, running, jogging, standing on the back legs, biking the dogs, or excessive tennis ball chasing/retrieving should be done (especially on slippery floors) with the puppy/dog before 2 years of age. NO rough playing with children, adults, or other dogs should be allowed. Restrict the puppy’s exercise to sensible activities. Owners should understand that extended and exhaustive playing with other dogs, children, and adults, or any forced exercise can cause joint and bone problems including hip dysplasia because of soft tissue development until the age of 2 years. Because puppies do not mature until they are 2 years of age, we insist that you DO NOT spay or neuter until they are 2 years old or older. Also, NEVER x-ray your pet at the same time you spay/neuter them. There is medical evidence that these procedures are harmful, and we will discuss them at the time of pickup.

NOTE: If at any time in the future you find that you cannot or do not wish to keep your dog, they must be returned to us or a home approved by us. All medical records and AKC papers need to accompany the puppy/dog. We never refund the purchase price or training cost for a puppy that is returned to us. All sales are final at the time of pickup.

Your puppy is the result of careful, planned, and selective breeding. Please follow our instructions and recommendations carefully for a healthy and happy dog.

AKC Registration:_________________________ Microchip:_____________________

Christopher Skinner-Bland or Darcy Skinner Date

I have read and fully understand this health guarantee and agree to abide by it. “The buyer and or his/her agent or representative has personally seen the puppy/dog and the purchase was made in a face-to-face transaction.”

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