About Us

We have been raising, training, hunting, showing, and have had selective breedings of our Shorthairs for many years. Our goal is to keep intact the "true" German Shorthaired Pointer and at the same time, add potential to their grace.

We have also integrated German bloodlines of Deutsche Kurzhaar into our lines. With part of our family living in Germany, we are making the most of it by always learning more about the Vielseitig Jagdhund or known in America as the Versatile Hunting Dog! By integrating these bloodlines we are building a better breed that can do it all! Including but not limited to field work, forest work, water work, retrieving as well as blood tracking.

All of our dogs are born "family" dogs first. The hands that reach for them in the whelping box are hands of love. As the next few weeks go by, we strive to find each dog's potential and work with that feeling to help each dog and its destiny. Each dog that leaves our ranch is a well balanced, emotionally fit and happy dog.

We pride ourselves in this!

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